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Patterns & Textures

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{ 24K Gold plating }

This is a process of plating the surface of stainless steel with pure gold using electricity. It uses the flash plating method since it is a gold-plating for the decorating of buildings. Since it is an electric plating with pure gold color, it ensures a more stable surface and reproducibility as well as the excellent color.

1) Limits of Plating Size
Electric plating has a limitation for the size of the products since the material should go into the tank. SamWoo can process products with a maximum size of 1,250 x 3,100mm.

2) Management of Plated Surface
SamWooˇŻs electric plating process is quite stabilized. But, because the purity of gold used is nearly 24 karat, it has a problem of wear resistance due to the innate properties of gold. Therefore, the products need a coating process after fabrication in order for the longer preservation.


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